Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rock n' Rolls...

check out those rolly polly it!

So lil' miss Greta is officially 5 months old!  She is just a ball of laughs (and ROLLS) and loves any attention she can get, even kisses from the Karl the Wonderdog (read: most of all kisses from Karl).  She is all about her older sister, who must greet her with high pitched "hi!" while she is doing a half squat to get down to her Greta's level.  I was so nervous at the beginning of how these two would interact...that is so a thing of the past.  She is weighing in at about 16 pounds and in the same size diaper as Nina.  My project for the week is to go through all of the baby clothes and get the clothes that are a big snug or out of season, out of the closet.  I don't know what it is about sorting through the clothes - - I LOVE to procrastinate this task - - however, it is time once again.

Nina is our in-house rock star.  She is constantly singing and is very appreciative for any back-up singing anyone is willing to give her.  She has opened her song repertoire to the ABC'S, Cotton Eye Joe, the Me, You, We song from her Music Together class...and a few others that are original hits or songs we aren't able to distinguish quite yet.  Seriously, EVERYDAY she is coming up with something new that makes us laugh, tackling new vocabulary, and surprising us with how much she GETS!!  It really blows our minds sometimes.  Correction from my initial statement...she is our rock star and a total HAM!!

The other items to note are that it is almost pool season!!!!  It opens Saturday and I am SO excited.  Nina has her tot swim class starting soon I know she is going to love it even more than she did last year!  Greta is not old enough for the class, however it is on a Saturday this year, so both Jeff and I can go and each take a baby.  During the week, it will just be figuring out the balancing act of the pool with both kiddos BY MYSELF...not gonna lie, it stresses me out BIG TIME. 

It is a beautiful day, so just waiting for the kids to wake up so we can go have some fun in the sun!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starting FRESH...

I keep telling myself that I am going to do this, that, and the other.

Well, it hasn't happened.

This blog being one of 'em.  Rather than my typical "sign up for the world" deal, I'm taking baby steps.  I am going to set realistic expectations for what is REALLY going to happen, and what gets put in the RAINY DAY pile, and then there is the IN MY DREAMS pile.  There is a place for everything.

Luckily, I have a very patient and supportive husband who helps me along with all of my big ideas and dreams...did I mention he is supportive if they actually happen or NOT!  He IS great, I know, right?  It is also great to have a partner in crime for big ideas...he is one of the most creative "dreamers" I know.  He is just a lot better and executing them.  I am working on taking tips and lessons from him so I too can have the execution part down.

So, seriously...what am I doing?  Well aside from chasing around one baby while trying not to drop the other, I am working on making our house more of a home...a bit clique, yes, but very true.  I am talking about mastering the world of motherhood.  I will admit, at times (past, present, and probably future) I do feel like I am working manual labor in a Molly Maid's training camp filled with poopy diapered babies, BUT I am getting better at loving it rather than complaining about it.  It is all about attitude.  Isn't that right honey?

For starters, many of you know, I am a bit timid in the kitchen.  Most meals get an invite to the nearest garbage can or fed to the dog...however, I am PRACTICING and I think getting at least a little better.  So anywhoo...we started the dinner spinner in our house.  I don't know about you, but just coming up with and idea for dinner put me over the top and into the Wendy's drive thru.  This little dinner spinner idea has changed our world.  Ok, maybe a bit dramatic, but you get the idea.  We have all of our favorite items to choose from, chicken, turkey, veggies, fruit, grains, and then the flare or genre of food.  We pick an item from each and in the style of the TV show Chopped (sans timer or challengers) we get to work coming up with an idea for dinner.  So far, so good....and most importantly, it is fun!  I will also note that it helps with the grocery store shopping - bonus!

Ok, then the blog...OH THE BLOG...I started this years ago and loved it.  Then I had my first baby.  I don't recall what I was so busy with, but the blog just fizzled away.  Then came the second baby.  I think by this point, I had multiple diaper bags piled up on my desk and a computer that was so slow there was really NO point.  Luckily, I got a new computer and a cleared off desk for Mama's Day this year...and so I'm back.  For a bit, I one wants to hear about me and my days...I mean c'mon.  I am over this and going to blog regardless, but without the pressure of "getting a post up."  This will be the no pressure swanky composure is just how I roll these days.

Then, we have the other promise I have added to the list over and over.  It is mainly my waistline after being pregnant back to back.  These kids have not done me any favors in that department.  Well, rather than talk about oh say, do an iron man next week, or run a  yoga workshop in the Spring...I'm again, taking baby steps.  Last month when I visited San Diego with Nina...Yes, it was crazy, but worth it, we did a 5K with a friend and her son (both babes in the strollers).  It was pouring down rain, muddy, rough terrain, and I loved it!  So, I signed up for another one locally and did that last weekend.  I will do another one in the beginning of June.  There is something fun and motivating about doing a run, a walk, a skip, whatever...with a paper number on.  There just is.  I may someday get to the half or whole marathon level again, OR maybe not...for now, this is good enough.

Well, that is my plan, my laid back, get back into the swing of life after babies life...My biggest challenge will be to roll with the punches and just keep truckin'.  Here's to realistic goals!!

Oh, cupcakes are done and they don't smell burnt!!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, this is what has been keeping this mama busy...

I have OBVIOUSLY been a bit MIA lately...okay, a LOT MIA, but I have a great excuse.  Since my last post from Nina's little birthday extravaganza...I have made it through the holidays, had a baby, and well...I have been trying to catch up with life ever since.

This is our little Greta girl...she looks so teeny weeny in this picture.  She is going on three months now and is so much fun!  So...I am slowly but surely adjusting to being a mom of two babies under 2, 1 1/2 actually.  My girls are 13 months apart, and while it has posed some challenges, we wouldn't have it any other way!


I think one of my favorite things is the reaction when people see me out and about trying to manage both babies , my ginormous double RV (a.k.a stroller) and my overstuffed diaper  bag.  I am actually getting pretty good at it.  I just have to tell myself, that sweating all day with all of this heavy lifting is for my waistlines own good.  No seriously...for example...after chasing Nina around her music class to make sure she puts the wallet back from the lady's purse she just took it from, and getting Greta to stop crying while feeding her a bottle lodged between her mouth and my chin...I am just as worn out as those people coming out of Zumba in the room next door. of the things I am working on for my own creative/sanity outlet, is to start blogging again.  I am working on merging my two blogs into one and it will just be a place for me to share.  I am not going to worry about how many post I have, or if I miss a day, or what I am posting about...I will just write, show pictures, and ramble as I do. 

Dodu baby is alive and well, but it is not getting the attention that it originally did.  Hopefully someday, when I can actually sit down and craft, it will.  I am still happy to make and create if people ask, but at least for going a bit slower so I can enjoy my girls!

I will post the info about the new merged blog soon, so that if you follow one of them, you can choose to jump ship or come along for the ride!


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